About the Author

Inspiring personal discovery, cultivating balance, and honoring diverse perspectives through empowering guidance and thoughtful questions.

Erin Mason is a writer, certified yoga instructor, creative arts enthusiast, and licensed psychotherapist with an integrative and comprehensive approach to wellness. She began her career 20 years ago as a counselor at a residential facility for pregnant and parenting teens. Since then, Erin has acquired extensive experience in the field of wellness and mental health. She works with a variety of clients in her private practice, has dedicated many years to children and families in the public school system, and provides instruction and supervision for graduate-level interns.

Over the years, Erin has discovered that once the conversation is initiated, many people have either had a direct relationship with adoption or know someone who has been impacted by the experience. Intimately affected by adoption herself, and with tremendous respect and appreciation for all parties involved, Erin embraces a fresh perspective and applies her experience with a thought-provoking approach. 

Finding inspiration in cloudy skies, international travels, curious obstacles, creative interludes, and serendipitous revelations, she challenges herself and others to think outside the box. She is passionate about helping others to navigate transitions, embark on the quest for self-understanding, cultivate balance, and access innate resilience.

About the Illustrator

Layal Idriss
I grew up on the shores of the red sea, drenched in the red-hot sun of the Arabian Peninsula. I was a little dreamer building worlds and sipping pretend tea while sneaking treats from my grandma’s bakery. My love for color, magic, and wonder brought me to where I am today.

As a Whimsical Illustrator residing in Sunny Southern California, I earned a degree in Media Arts and Animation and started freelancing while at school.

I continue to grow and participate in galleries locally and internationally. In 2017 I earned an MFA in Illustration from CSUF and started teaching in 2015. I love to inspire and be inspired by art every day.

Since I started my career, I was blessed to illustrate 16 books and other exciting projects. My passion for illustration and my love to spread wonder and whimsy is endless.

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